In Bloom Orchids currently serves locations along the central and southern California coast, from Santa Ynez Valley to the Newport Beach area. Our company can introduce you to a world of orchids not available to the retail costumer because we have sought the best and most exotic orchids from around the world. Many of the orchids in our collection only bloom once a year and some may only last a week or two. These flowers are spectacular and such a privilege to enjoy in a public area instead of being locked inside a collectors private greenhouse. Although some growers say that they can maintain orchids to last for months, what point does the orchid serve if it appears tired and stressed from the wear of carrying the blooms? We have the experience and foresight in orchid care and re-blooming to know when its time to pull the curtain on the show and send the plant back into  vegetative mode. Through our careful attention to the arrangements, we ensure that our plants stay happy and healthy, plus we reduce waste. If an arrangement should have a sudden decline or get invaded by pests (which can happen from simply opening a window), your orchids will be replaced at no additional charge to you and your monthly flower budget will stay the same! 

Once our collection of orchids is installed in your location, we will make weekly visits to your site to maintain the arrangements. These weekly visits allow us to guarantee that our arrangements will always stay fresh as well as making sure that the orchids come back to our greenhouse in good condition. With our extensive knowledge of how these valuable plants are to be grown and cared for, your job will simply be to enjoy these beautiful specimens without the stress of worrying about their proper maintenance. Our greenhouses are full of beautiful, mature orchids that you would likely only see at an orchid show. Our month-to-month rental program allows our clients to enjoy our amazing orchid collection and our weekly maintenance service at a fraction of the cost of purchasing the orchids outright. If your business has a flower budget that is getting out of control we can provide you with our professional service at a consistent, manageable cost that you can rely on throughout the year. Our clients have told us that people used to pass by their cut flower arrangements and common orchid designs, but now with In Bloom Orchids they come into their location just to see what is on display this month...many with cameras in hand! In fact, our Christmas orchid displays have become the back ground for many family photos in the lobbies of the fine hotels and establishments we service. 

In Bloom Orchids is a unique company. We are floral designers working exclusively with orchids from our collection. Since 1989, we have grown, maintained, delivered, and installed our collection of orchids in private homes, hotels and businesses. 

About us

Although it is not the focus of our business, we do consider one time or event rentals. Due to the sensitivity of our plants and the conditions of particular events we look carefully at each event rental on a case-by-case basis. Large orchid backdrops or spectacular centerpieces, with great detail are some of the displays we have done in the past. We do offer a few container choices at our greenhouse, but usually prefer to help you find the perfect piece for your location.